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What to be aware of when researching a bidet toilet seat?

Posted by Bidets2go on

So you have decided to purchase a bidet toilet seat or perhaps an under-toilet seat bidet attachment? Where do you go from here?

Firstly decide if you would like to purchase an electronic bidet toilet seat (adjustable warm water wash with many features) or a manual, under-toilet seat bidet attachment (natural water with basic features).

Do your research! Check out all available information online in Australia and do your research carefully. Take care with information from companies not resident in Australia and keep in mind that if you see prices of units that are cheaper in other countries it will most likely because those cheaper units lack local plumbing and electrical certifications, components, are the wrong voltage or size etc. Be sure to check if the units were manufactured specifically for the Australian market.

Read all the information available online from the many available sellers and then CALL not just one but two or three companies and ask all the questions that you may have. Take your time to make your purchase and do not be bullied into purchasing a unit on the first call.

Also carefully check the websites as there are some companies that have up to ten websites all purporting to be different or related organisations but the reality is that it is just one company with different facades to fool unsuspecting shoppers.  And some also claim to have shops in every city and and hundreds of resellers! Again don't be fooled by outlandish claims all designed to snare you. Also carefully check the claims that some companies make on their websites as some make misleading and/or disparaging claims about competing products to again deceive unsuspecting shoppers.

Compare ALL brands available

If you want a bidet toilet seat, don’t be caught in some company’s tactics of ‘up-selling’, ‘switch-selling’ or ‘bait advertising’ where you call for a particular brand but then instead get coaxed into considering or buying either something different or something more expensive or something with extras you may not need.

Add on extras - These can vary from deodorizer filters to water filters. BEWARE of this trick - Most electronic bidet toilet seats that have a carbon deodorizer filter included don’t need replacing for at least 5 years or so if you look after them. Carbon filters are made to last and only need to be cleaned every six months with a light burst of the hair dryer to remove any dust. If the filter is not damaged or looks the same shape as when you bought the unit, it will last for many years.

Water Filters - Another common up-sell trick. You really only need a water filter attached to your bidet unit if you live in places where you have problems with the quality of your water such as sediments or heavy minerals etc. Often people are hoodwinked into buying water filters continuously. If you don’t use a filter on your shower or bath outlet and the same water is used in your bidet unit then you don’t need a water filter. Of course some people simply prefer to use one but let that be your choice.

Extended Warranties – Some companies will convince you to take out extended warranties, Think clearly before you do this. Everyone says their product is the best, however most electronic bidets come with a 2 year warranty. Please read the fine print of the extended warranties as you may find that you are paying for something that you will never use.

As a buyer you need to feel comfortable dealing with the company you are buying from so ring them, email them with questions and do your research before you purchase. The more informed you are and the more research you do, the more confident you will feel with this important lifestyle upgrading decision.

For further information please contact Bidets2go, the Australian Distributor of Bio Bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments at

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