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About bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments

Posted by Bidets2go on 1st Aug 2023

There are many questions surrounding bidets and bidet toilet seats. The main reason is because many people do not understand how they work or why they are beneficial to health, hygiene and general wellbeing. Here are some answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about bidets and associated bidet units.

What is a bidet? A bidet (pronounced "bee-day") is a unit designed to clean the rectal and genital areas using a jet or spray of water. The original bidet was a stand-alone ceramic unit that looked like a toilet but without flushing capabilities. Users had to finish using the toilet, then move to the secondary unit for cleaning.

What is a bidet toilet seat? Bidet toilet seats, unlike the original bidet, are installed directly onto the existing toilet bowl, creating one single streamlined fixture rather than requiring two different units in the bathroom. This saves on space and cost while introducing a variety of new features that make going to the bathroom easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

How does a bidet toilet seat operate? By turning on the water at the press of a button (on electric models) or by using adjustable knobs (on non-electric models), you can wash yourself automatically. Electric models are also equipped with a drying function that blows warm air onto your skin, drying it before you leave the seat. Wiping becomes unnecessary as all of the cleaning functions are performed by the unit itself.

What is the cost of a bidet toilet seat? Prices can vary significantly between non-electric and electric models starting from $100 for simple under-toilet seat bidet attachments.

Is a bidet worth the money? What is important to consider is that it is an investment towards good health and well-being.

What are the benefits of using a bidet toilet seat? The use of a bidet toilet seat can mitigate the onset of various health issues. A bidet toilet seat can help to reduce inflammation caused by problems such as haemorrhoids and can help to improve genital and rectal health, making it a worthwhile investment. Moreover, it prevents hands from coming into contact with contaminants.

Who can use a bidet toilet seat? Anyone can use a bidet toilet seat. It is of particular benefit to people with disabilities or special needs and to those who perhaps are finding it increasingly difficult to remain independent. Bidet toilet seats work well for those who have a limited range of motion and/or struggle with cleaning as it eliminates straining and stretching. Unlike traditional bidets, an attachable bidet toilet seat does not require the user to traverse from one fixture to another for cleaning, making it easier for them to clean themselves with the added bonus of helping to retain their personal dignity, not to mention making it easier for carers. If you or someone you know fits into this category, an attachable bidet toilet seat may simplify the cleaning process greatly.

A switch in personal hygiene habits can make a big difference to health. Unfortunately, many Australians have a real aversion to the idea of using a bidet. The idea of switching to a bidet for some may be difficult. However, the stark reality is that bidets actually clean the rectal and genital areas far better than toilet paper.

Contemporary bidet toilet seats also offer much more flexibility and versatility than the traditional ceramic bidet. They are far easier to install and easy to remove. If you decide to move house you can remove the seat and take it with you. And if guests to your home are uncomfortable using your bidet toilet seat, they can simply use the bidet seat as they would a regular toilet seat.

There is a lot to recommend about these bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments, but the clincher for many is affordability. Many people who can’t afford the expense of buying and installing a traditional bidet or don't have the space, are surprised by the affordability of bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments - a luxury that you can have for the sake of your personal hygiene. And for those who are still squeamish at the thought of using one: Don’t knock it until you've tried it. If you have doubts, why not consider buying a cheaper model first, then graduate to a better model over time. You will wonder why it took you so long to make the healthier lifestyle upgrade!

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