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Improving personal hygiene in the bathroom

Posted by Bidets2go on 9th May 2023

The bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment are an excellent addition to the home for anyone who wants to improve personal hygiene. These devices make it much easier to clean up after a bowel movement without spreading bacteria. Controlling bacteria in the bathroom is no small task. With toilet paper, faecal matter can be transferred to the hands easily. From there it can spread to the handle on the toilet, the taps on the sink, the pump of the soap bottle, or right to the door if children neglect to wash their hands from time to time. These devices immediately reduce the spread of bacteria in the bathroom.

With the bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment, cleaning up after a bowel movement is generally a hands-free activity. The only time toilet tissue is needed is for a light dabbing afterwards to take care of extra moisture. But many bidet toilet seats also have a warm air drying function so even this contact is eliminated. These devices are also more effective at washing away bacteria. Dry toilet paper can just spread the bacteria around, while the water from these devices washes it away and reduces the spread of bacteria greatly. If you’re looking for a way to improve personal hygiene without a lot of effort, this is it.

The bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment can help prevent health problems in other ways as well. The stream of water is often used to ease constipation. Applying a massaging jet to the anal area will stimulate a bowel movement for many people. This is a safe and natural way to help with constipation. Individuals who have sensitive skin may find many cases of dryness and irritation in the genital area clearing up once such a unit is installed in the home. Toilet paper can be very irritating with perfume and other additives, but water is fresh, clean and very soothing to the skin.

Genital cleanliness is very important to overall health. Though it’s easy to neglect this area, keeping it clean will prevent many problems such as urinary tract infections and yeast infections for women. Haemorrhoids may become aggravated and worsen with the use of dry, abrasive toilet paper. The fresh stream of water from a bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment will not only keep the area clean, it may also keep these types of health problems from worsening. These devices are much cleaner than toilet paper and one can be installed on most ordinary toilets relatively quickly and easily.

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