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So you are considering buying a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Posted by Bidets2go on 20th Apr 2023

If you are reading this, chances are you're convinced of the great benefits of bidet toilet seats and now exploring how to go about buying one.

Outlined below are some key points you may want to consider before making that final purchase.

1. Brand

Fortunately there are now a few reputable bidet toilet seat brands in Australia to choose from and as with any product purchase decision it is worthwhile exploring these brands carefully. In our view a pertinent consideration is to ensure the brand is distributed and supported locally to ensure you receive before and after sales service if required. In addition by selecting a reputable brand you are less likely to encounter major problems as manufacturing and quality standards are far higher and stricter.

2. Model

Across the various brands available you will have a selection of models to choose from that will include electronic and manual versions. What you end up selecting will depend on what features you prefer and of course your budget. Spend a little time researching available models to ensure your requirements are met.

3. Buying locally or overseas

As with many purchase decisions these days, we can now opt to buy locally or from overseas but be sure to factor in all costs when purchasing from overseas. Such costs that are often overlooked include exchange rate differences, overseas postage and shipping costs, hose and valve conversions, voltage and plug conversions, overseas warranty and repair costs and of course the cost of not complying with local plumbing certifications.

Following extensive research into available reputable brands, Bidets2go chose Bio Bidet above all others due to outstanding design, quality and value for money among other things. As the Distributor in Australia, Bidets2go offers premium bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments manufactured specifically for Australia by Bio Bidet, one of the leading American bidet toilet seat suppliers.

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