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Occupational Therapists & Disability Carers – Bidet Toilet Seats are welcomed by clients

Posted by Bidets2go on 22nd Nov 2022

Many Occupational Therapists and Disability Carers who contact us for the first time have often said that they never really thought of a bidet toilet seat as an aid until they had a client or were caring for someone who actually needed one.

Educating people about the many benefits of bidet toilet seats has been challenging in Australia as they are often perceived as very ‘foreign’ to us. However many countries overseas use them in nursing homes, disability homes and rehabilitation hospitals with great success for both staff and clients. England for example, is now known for their wide use of bidet toilet seats for both personal use and use in their many well-renowned disability facilities.

Whilst bidet toilet seats in Australia are not new, many people often only think of the old fashioned separate bidet unit with a ‘water spout’ to clean after using their normal toilet, however with the advancement of technology, bidet toilet seats are now sleeker, smaller, easy to use and can be easily fitted to existing toilets.

Clients facing challenges such as back problems, arthritis or those that have limited movement but are able live at home or in a care facility, can still retain their dignity with the use of a bidet toilet seat.

Electric models such as the Bio Bidet BB-1000 will wash with warm water, help clean effectively and with the press of a button can also warm dry the area, so little or no toilet paper is needed and the client can be sure they are clean.

Aids to help independence and especially to maintain dignity within clients is important in Occupational Therapy and bidet toilet seats are certainly an effective option that should be considered and almost always welcomed by clients.