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Bladder infections and bidet toilet seats

Posted by Bidets2go on 16th Sep 2022

If you have ever had a bladder infection in your life, then you are probably aware of the fact that they are generally excruciatingly painful and can cause a whole lot of discomfort until they are eliminated. Bladder infections are also known as cystitis and urinary tract infections or UTIs. These infections are capable of affecting both men and women. The biggest cause for this type of infection is simply not keeping your downstairs area clean enough. If you are dealing with a UTI and you feel that this might be your problem, then it may be time to possibly consider the benefits of a bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment.

The most common cause for a bladder infection is the bacteria known as E. coli. These bacteria live in your faeces and in the faeces of others. When this bacterium is allowed to remain on your skin, it can easily be transferred to your partner or be driven further up your urinary tube, which can cause a painful and serious infection that can spread into your kidneys and your bladder over time if not treated. A little bit of prevention however, can go a long way and this is where the bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment comes in.

One of the best possible reasons for you to use such a unit is to remove these harmful bacteria from your body. Regular toilet paper does not normally remove the bacteria so much as simply moving it around. When you wipe using toilet paper, you can be moving the bacteria around rather than eliminating them. By leaving remnants of waste and toilet paper behind, the bacteria are allowed to thrive on your skin and it can be transferred to others or can be taken in by your urinary tract and converted into a serious irritation or infection.

Additionally, using toilet paper can cause irritation and abrasions and this will actually make it easier for the E. coli and other bacteria to get into your body. This means that there are plenty of reasons to avoid toilet paper in favour of using a bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment. If you are serious about improving your personal hygiene and overcoming health issues relating to regular toilet and toilet paper use, then implementing the use of one of these units may be worth considering.

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