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Bidet toilet seats and ageing

Posted by Bidets2go on 10th Feb 2023

We certainly can't stop the ageing process and we will all get older but most of us will want to remain independent for as long as possible. Of course this means too that we will not want to burden our family or carers with the simple daily chores we take for granted, but sometimes things can become difficult and most embarrassingly our hygiene habits can be affected. This is where a bidet toilet seat or under-toilet seat bidet attachment can help make life a little easier.

If for example you suffer from arthritis, a sore back or shoulder movement is restricted or have had a hip or other movement-inhibiting operation, going to the toilet and cleaning yourself may be difficult. Think of how easy it would be if at the touch of a button or the simple turning of a dial, you could clean yourself completely and hygienically with water after you have used the toilet.

Bidet toilet seats or under-toilet seat bidet attachments are particularly beneficial for you to remain independent and can make your daily bathroom needs much easier. Electric bidet toilet seats have features such as warm water wash and a drying function so the use of abrasive toilet paper is also significantly reduced. Basically with the press of a button once you are finished you will be both clean and dry without having to move a great deal. Under-toilet seat bidet attachments work in exactly the same way but uses tepid water and adjustable knobs to turn on the water for an automatic wash.

Bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments are all about making life easier along with keeping hygiene standards up. It really is simple and easy and once you have used one you really will be pleased you made the decision to purchase one.

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