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Haemorrhoids and bidet toilet seats

If you have or have ever had haemorrhoids, then you know that they can be very painful and uncomfortable. Haemorrhoid pain occurs when veins swell under the skin in the area that is directly around the outside and the inside of your anal sphincter. This area quickly becomes swollen and dilated, making the affected area [...]

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Bladder infections and bidet toilet seats

If you have ever had a bladder infection in your life, then you are probably aware of the fact that they are generally excruciatingly painful and can cause a whole lot of discomfort until they are eliminated. Bladder infections are also known as cystitis and urinary tract infections or UTIs. These infections are capable of [...]

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About bidet toilet seats and under-toilet seat bidet attachments

There are many questions surrounding bidets and bidet toilet seats. The main reason is because many people do not understand how they work or why they are beneficial to health, hygiene and general wellbeing. Here are some answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about bidets and associated bidet units.What is a bidet? [...]

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